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East Frisian tea table setting

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As you may know, East Frisians are connoisseurs of excellent tea and the world’s biggest consumers of tea just after the Irish. It goes without saying that they expect high quality and excellent flavour. So, being a small East Frisian family business ourselves, we understand what our customers want and enjoy and take pride in providing them with exceptional products - and not just tea.

The greater share of our products comes from our own production so not only do we take utmost care in ensuring high quality standards but are also able to fulfil special customer wishes.

For us, food safety is of absolute importance and to guarantee quality we regularly perform sensory tests and analyses, check processes and of course adhere to strict food hygiene regulations.

Please note that this web site only contains a small assortment of our products. If you are a specialized retailer and wish to obtain further information, we will gladly send you a copy of our catalogue with the full range of products.

For enquiries or special wishes please feel free to contact us online
by filling in the contact form.

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